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Take That - Like I Never Loved You At All



Where, where are the stars?

The one that we used to call ours

Can't imagine it now

We used to laugh 'til we fell down.

The secrets we had, are now in the past

From something to nothing, tell me.

How did we lose our way?

It's hard to remember

All that we shared

Now we both have separate lives

From lovers to strangers, now alone

There's no one catching my fall

No one to hear my call

It's like I never loved you at all.

Now you're so far away

And I see our star is fading

One too many times

Guess it just got tired of waiting round.

The nights that we thought, if these walls could talk

From something to nothing, tell me.

So now does he give you love

Is it only me now that's thinking of what we had and what we were

Did you ever care, baby was I ever there?




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