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The Afters - Ocean Wide



Look outside

It's already light and the stars ran away with the night

Things we're said, words that we'll try forget,

it's so hard to admit I know we've made mistakes

I see through all the tears but that's what got us here


If love is an ocean wide

We'll swim in the tears we cry

They'll see us through to the other side

We're gonna make it

When love is a raging sea

You can hold on to me

We'll find a way tonight

Love is an ocean wide

I'll stay right here

It's where I'll always belong

Tied with your arms

Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set

I don't want to forget

What made us feel this way

You see through all my fears

And that's what got us here


Love is an ocean wide enough to forget

Even when we think we can't




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