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The pussycat dolls - Show me what you got



Hey Carmit


You Think Your Foxy

I am

Like You all Naughty

Shoot, hold this

Then show us what you got

She showed you what she got

Hey Jessy


You Think your sexy


With all them breasties


Now shake 'em like they hot

She showed you what she got.

Hey Ashley


You think your sassy


But now get nasty


And show us what you got.

She showed you what she got.

Hey Kimberly


You are so freaky


But you all flexy


Now flex it like it's hot.

She showed you What she got

Hey Melody


You such a cutie


Now shake that booty


Now shake that booty up

She showed you what she got

Hey Nikky

Yeah I know that is me


Now whatch my booty


Now Make that booty pop

I know you show my booty pop

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