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The Rocket Summer - Story



hear me

when i speak

and just listen

and try not to be

some kind of self-righteous high being

with the opposite mislead me

to better your mind and see

this is a story

of how we can't be

they're building you up to tear you down

they won't admit it but its true

smiling advice to end with your frown

cuz they don't want what's best for you

its sad i know i know

but you know i'm something else

and now's my time to just sit back and tell

*that you don't know just when to stop

you're living life to be on top

so start back here and be realin'

and just admit the way you feelin'

see we're all one page learning gang

and its true that

we all want to be the baddest

we all have a little baggage

even though we hide it

and we always will deny it

we are driving this float down Main

in this pride parade

and i'm not saying that i'm any better than you

sometimes i have motives that are just so stupid

and i play the fool

but man you're killing me

the charade has got to end

so stop acting like you know everything

because you're missing the point

you were supposed to be my friend


i don't i don't know know

just try just try

to lean away

take me to another place

where i know i know

what's happening

to my head and to my dreams

cuz i want i want

i need i need

some piece of mind and clarity

so just take take my hand

and let's leave


ohhh ohhh ohhh...

ba da da da




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