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Tilly And The Wall - You and i misbehaving



Oh Darci, Darci don't look so sad

Don't let the daytime get you down

Because we will be wild like children once the black has veiled this sky

No pushing buttons, no telling lies

No pointed fingers trying to keep you quiet

Just you and I misbehaving

Oh trying our best to feel alive

We won't ever let them win

When we are younger oh our hearts are so much bolder

The pressure is not as great

We floated weightless through the tops of trees

But as we get older oh our vision becomes blurred

And then the fog it slips right in

Now you're wondering how oh yeah, you're wondering how you ended up here

How you end up here

The hateful, hateful tough little boys

That move their lips whenever you're around

So smart just shouting answers (shouting answers)

I guess their fathers taught them well

So sit real still they've got to size you up

Don't move your mouth

They don't like when you talk

They're trying their best to define you (to define you)

They're trying their best to keep you down

We won't ever let them win

Because this world you know it can get so crazy

All these people talk a lot

They know this, they know it all

What a drag

But you know there will always be some oddball singing

Just remember to sing along, yeah you better start singing a long

This place could be so beautiful

You just can't let them pull that cloth over your eyes

Just keep on screaming

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba

Bop bop ba, bop bop ba




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