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Tommy Roe - Heather honey



oh heather honey

warm as the sunshine

oh heather honey

your love is so fine

i've been here, i've been there

i've been all around

and i fell in and out of love

in most every town

but the girls i knew were not like you

you're a different kind

heather honey, now can't you see

you're blowing my mind

every day my friends say

i'm just a fool to fall in love

to them it seems ain't very cool

but i don't care what they say

i just can't resist

heather, i fell head over heels

first time we kissed

heather, honey i bet money

we'll never split cause

loving you is so easy to do

and i'll never quit

so build your plans around this man

cause i love you so

don't you forget my pretty pet




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