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Toni estes - Hot



Uh, make it hot... Teddy Bishop, Toni Estes....

For the Y2K... new millenium... make it hot...

Toni, drop the first verse...


Baby, since I've been with you

I can't stay away from you

I swear what you be doin

Got me so wide open and I can't control it babe

Baby, I'm so into you

You make me wanna stay with you

Every second of every minute

Got me so wide open and I must admit it that you're


Hot! Boy you know you are so

Hot! You're the only one for me

Every little thing you do to me

Every little thing I wanna do for you

Hot! Boy you're makin me so

Hot! Tell me anything you want

Every little thing you say to me

Every little thing I think of you baby


Honey, what you mean to me

Is more than any other thing

Can't front, the love you're givin to me

Is the best straight up, the bomb-diggy-diggy and

Honey, you stay on my mind

No other love I wanna try

Stick around cuz it's gettin better by the minute

And I, I must admit it that you're...

Repeat -2- (2x)


Every little thing you say to me

Every little thing you do to me

All of the things you make me feel

Boy you know you're really makin me hot


Repeat -2-




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