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Tracy Bonham - Mother mother



Mother mother can you hear me I'm just calling to say hello

How's the weather how's my father am I lonely heavens no

Mother mother are listening just a phone call to ease your mind

Life is perfect never better distance making the heart grow blind

When you sent me off to see the world where you scared that I might get hurt

Would I try a little tobacco would I keep on hiking up my skirt

I'm hungry

I'm dirty

I'm losing my mind

Everything's fine

I'm freezing

I'm Starving

I'm Bleeding death

Everything's fine

Yeah, I'm working, making money I'm just starting to build a name

I can feel it around the corner I could make it any day

Mother mother can you hear me yeah I'm sober sure I'm sane

Life is perfect never better still your daughter still the same

If I tell you what you want to hear will it help you to sleep wellat night

Are you sure that I'm your perfect dear now just cuddle up and sleep tight

I'm hungry

I'm dirty

I'm losing my mind

Everything's fine

I'm freezing

I'm starving

I'm bleeding to death

Everything's fine

I miss you

I love you.




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