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Tyler Hilton - Don't blame me



Leave you at the fast food forget to pay the pizza dude

You always got to feed my dog

I know it sounds crazy baby let me try maybe, maybe

My memory gets fogged

Well gimmie a chance we can go out to dance

But before I go I should say

I'm only a man, I'll do as much as I can

I can't help it if I'm that way

Don't blame me for something I can't change

It's not my second nature to be good like you

Let's walk around the problems that I've made

'Cause whatever happens you'll still, love me too

Forget to pick the clothes up, accidentally break your cup

Why stop I'm on a role

I'm trying to do good get in a better mood

Then we can really tear up the floor

Well, things haven't changed, baby, I'm still the same

I'm not perfect and you should be glad

Take one look and listen to me play

And you can see I'm not half bad

Run around day and night barely never time to fight

We're different from all the rest

How do you do it, putting up with me

Let me tell you baby you're the best

Well, it makes no sense having us apart

You'd have to see it or you'd be blind

When we're together I'm so confused

When we're apart your on my mind

Let's take a break from our life all the pain all the strife

It sounds too good to be true

Living my life and singing my songs

And yes, baby I've got you

Well, playing six strings are my favorite things

It keeps me up while I am down

You got to believe me and you got to have faith

You can't be snooping around




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