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Ultraspank - Click



It seems to be so obvious

That you know what I don't

Take me through this emptiness

Where you can build a home

Bleach the imperfections

Plating them in gold

Make that big connection

Filling in the mold

Where would we be without you

To show us what to see

Such a great example of

What it ought to be

Free indeed

We know you are

Free in deep

You can't hide the scar

So it has to be this way

Shows exactly who you are

Thought you'd make it

Thought you'd take it

On your way

Look around sometime

Suffer me

Suffer me

It has to be

What a waste of time


Is leaving me

So it has to be this way

Shows exactly who you are

Given away

Pushing the gray to start

Told it has to be this way

So it has to be this way

So what




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