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Ultraspank - Suck



An icy grip

Creeps over me

A shivering glimpse

Of what's about to be


That's all it's gonna take


That's all there is at stake

It should be getting easier

I don't know what it is

I feel myself falling apart

I wish I could start...again

I wish I could start again

I wish I could start

I've known these parts

I've known this loneliness

I've known these parts

I still feel misinformed on this

Suck until there's no way out

Is just what this is all about

Suck until there's no way out

Must be a better way

Suck until there's no way out

Suck until there's no




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca Ultraspank, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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