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White Zombie - Blood, milk, & sky



The siren sings a lonely song - of all the wants and hungers

[of all the wants and hungers]

The lust of love a brute desire - the ledge of life goes under

[the ledge of life goes under]

Divide the dream into the flesh - kaleidoscope and candle eyes

[kaleidoscope and candle eyes]

Empty winds scrape on the soul - but never stop to realize

[but never stop to realize]

Animal whisperings - intoxicate the night

[intoxicate the night]

Hypnotize the deperate - slow motion light

[slow motion light]

Wash away into the rain - blood, milk and sky

[blood, milk and sky]

Hollow moons illuminate - and beauty never dies

[and beauty never dies]

Running wild, running blind

[Running wild, running blind]

I breathe the body deep

[I breathe the body deep]

1,000 years beside myself

[1,000 years beside myself]

I do not sleep

[I do not sleep]

Seduce the world it never screams

[Seduce the world it never screams]

Dead water lies

[Dead water lies]

Ride the only one who knows

[Ride the only one who knows]

Beauty never dies




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