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White Zombie - Grindhouse (a go-go)



Listen to the dream of life

A conversation

Hustle me beneath a spark

Flesh of reflection

Faith can't hold insto-matic soul

Trapped in the light

A fool for love stand'n still

Deep is the night

[Jump in the back

A pack attack

Gimme that

Dig in

Lethal mind

Fugitive Kind

Hustle!] X 2

Steal'n back the past ahead

That's how I'm roll'n

Trick racer so desperate

That's how I'm living

Dead heat shred the midway air

I see forever

Drag-o-rama rick'n in

No say never

[Jump in the back

A pack attack

Gimme that

Dig in

Lethal mind

Fugitive Kind

Hustle!] X 2

Scrimshaw motherfuck bazooka 5-star cat a howl'n

Kitten got a whip but no escape to bait the prowl'n, yeah!

If hell is like a woman, said "Take me to the fire", shot down!

Another desperate love crucifier yeah!

Boiling out of nowhere

Crazyhead decision

Skintight on the action grind into collision, yeah!

Breath'n seeped into my head

The gangs is bang'n

Pump the creature daddy-o

Spring loaded hang'n everything ya always need

Right for the taking

Shoot the works, the haunted hill house is a shak'n.




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