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White Zombie - Thrust



Thrust in deep there are no limitations

Wing shaped constellations everywhere now

Creep, babe, creep your life's like a suicide

And I said "I'm gonna ride it"

She don't care now, yeah! Maybe

The night ride gonna bleed, yeah! Maybe

This is what ch'all need!

Sink'n deep into your destination dig the demolition everywhere, now

Creep, babe, creep into your ring o' fire

Burned out on the wire

She don't care now, yeah! Maybe

The night ride gonna bleed, yeah! Maybe

This is what ch'all need!

Open the darkness an hour later to the minute (moment)

Move under the guilty she went deep into the corner

Snap dog city hypnotize and break the mercury

Rig test, oil inject freak hallucination

Shot through the backdoor

Buzz a whirling locomotion west straight to another

Through the sea of love, life on the line

Still in time, you will find "She has gone away"

Don't ask way, super sky

Live or die, "She has gone away."

Figure this, no more, sis-spanish kiss

"She has gone away."

Thrust into a diamond generation

Dexceleration everywhere

Up from hell a missile to the moon and zero to the 3 and 4 and 5 and

Yeah! Maybe

This is what y'all need!

How fast can you really move me come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah!

A ritual electro-nation, yow!




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