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Will Smith - Intro



Good evening Ladies and Gentleman

I'm Niah Pitson

I'm standing in front of the historic Manns chinese theatre

where thousands literally thousands of fans, journalists

and well wishers have gathered merely to catch a glimpse

of the artists formerly known as fresh prince.

This album premiere marks Will Smith's return to the world of rap.

The long awaited album entitled Big Willie Style has broken sales records everywhere

from Bangkok to Madagaskar as we all anxiously await the arrival of the man himself.

Oh wait a minute judging from the stir of the crowd

yes he's arrived Ladies and gentleman

Will Smith has arrived

Will Will hey Will real brothers

hey whats up man how you doing

I'm Keith B Real from Keep it Real radio and founding editor of Keep it Real magazine

and motivational tapes we practice what we preach here brother

and that is Keeping it Real.

Now Will let me ask you something

do you think that you make quote unquote real rap music

cause I ain't never seen no Wu dancing wit no singing alien keep it real

Well brother I like to have a good time have fun with the music that I make

you know let people have fun

Fun in times like these anyway keep it real another question if I can move on.

Will you've saved the world two years in a row

do you think you have some sort of supervalistic complex

I'm sorry brother supervalistic

Yeah look it up I ain't got time I'm keeping it real

I mean do you feel that your supervelous than everybody else

Wait hold hold on hey charlie charlie why don't you escort

Mr Real inside sow him to a real nice table

Easy easy

You take care Keith




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