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Within Temptation - Caged



These are the darkest clouds

To have surrounded me

Now I find my self alone caught in a cage

There's no flower to be found in here

Not withering

Or pale to me

Everyone with a friendly face

Seems to hide some secret inside

He told me he loved me

While he laughed in my face

He just led me astray

He took my virtue

I feel so cold inside

Sorrow has frozen my mind

My heart is covered

With thoughts entangled

How could it ever have felt so real?

Is there a place more lonely than I feel within?

Could I have seen?

Could I have known?

I just took it as the truth

Everyone with a friendly face

Seems to hide some secret inside

Always there to remind me

To keep me from believing

That someone might be there

Who'll free me and never ever leave me




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