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Wyclef Jean - Perfect gentleman



this ones goin out to the strip joints.....

yo meet me at susies rendezvous.....

for any go go bar

i'm gonna send this one out to the gentlemens club,

magic city, new york dogs, rolex,

i be seein ya up in there late at night, bronze faded,

i understand you girl's stressin you out,

crazy girls

don't let the ladies fool you on that fellas.

they be doin the same thing you all be doin,

turn up my symphony man,

turn up my symphony

drop a beat!

I'm in paradise

look at all these crystals

yo straight up, this is the new anthem for everybody workin hard tryin to make that money


just cause she dances go go,

it don't make her a ho no,

backseat the directionals are on,

we go into the disco......

we gonna elope,

to mexico,

called up my momma said i'm in love with this stripper yo...

ten grand let me see you shake it like

you got no bones in your body and you was made to be a celebrity,

twenty grand know its a sin

but for me you show me a little more skin

that would fullfill my fantsy,

thirty grand to the highest bidder for chris rock said,

there's no sex in the champagne room,

forty grand looked into her eyes

i saw tears fallin down type of tears that money couldn't buy...

REFRAIN (twice)

excuse me what is your name? my name is Hope yo....

i was blessed wit a body of the goddesses,

you have any idea how hard this is,

i can flex in 25 positions,

but i only work here to pay my tution...

yo tantalize and teaser,

table top pleaser,

gimme what I need,

master card or visa,

lap dance fantasy,

picture us on an all white canopy,

Wyclef extended his hand to me,

like billy D's he came to me,

take me away from here so far,

where they ride horses no cars ,

no more strippin in bars

meand you clap and kiss the odds....

REFRAIN (twice)

yo alotta ya all sit wit ya'll girls

and front like the Buswiser commercials talkin about ahh ahhh,

i don't be goin to the strip joints,

you lyin man,

you'd be surprised who ya see up in there man,

i got one question for you liars man

sha caller

what are you a preacher,

you callin' her a hooker,

he without sin cast the first stone,

i met her on the subway,

she gave me that VIP card,

and told me if i ever had problems,

don't hesitate to come by...

REFRAIN ( twice)

call up my momma said i'm in love with this stripper yo

yo baby can i get another lap dance,

i tell ya i got nuttin but funny money man

New York dogs man......




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