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Zebrahead - E-generation



Mix, mix, stop now move around .

Steppin up to the mic.

Mic 1, mic 2.

Rollin' step out the bathroom stall we got pharmacudials and alcohol.

Watch smoke and the light bouncin' off the wall.

With the disco hall, disco ball.

Cuz the devil may care, but I'm not the devil so there.

(middle finger up in the air)

To the people that judge us by what we wear and stare, like we care.

We come to play! We come to play!

Spin the 4U, yo hey deejay.

We come to play! We come to play!

Kids of the U to the S to the A.

Mix, mix, stop now move around.

Mix, mix, stop now move around.

A sensation, aviation, deviation, e-generation.

Midnight time to head on out like a fetus.

Call up the crew and tell em where to meet us.

To another club, cuz that's where the weed is.

Papa smurf got us on the E-list.

So we jump in the ride.

Navigator chrome on the side (yo man, you good to drive?).

He said 'I don't think it's far'.

So we all went along, so we all went along.

I don't think it's far.

Cuz God may care, but I never met God anywhere.

(middle finger up in the air)

To the people that judge us by the color of our hair and stare, like we care.




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