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10CC - I Hate To Eat Alone



I picked myself up in a downtown bar

You know the feelin' was lousy

But as I'd come this far

Well it's too easy to drink

When nobody's home

But I hate to eat alone

'N' frozen dinners don't do much for me

When you've got T.V. on the table

'N' T.V. on T.V.

All you do is chew your fingers

Down to the bone

I hate to eat alone

Like the actor who's forgotten his words

You stumble through the story line

Another place another time

When you were with me

They say the city's rotten to the core

There's no communication with each other anymore

But we stopped talkin' to each other a long time before

And I hate to eat alone

Hear it in my words

See it in my eyes

Since you went away

I wear a cheap disguise

Waitin' for the mornin'

Waitin' on the light

Hopin' for the sunshine

Before the night

I didn't tell you that I had to change

So you just took it for granted

That we'd remain the same

I know that nobody's guilty

No one's to blame so I end up on my own

God I hate to eat alone

I hate to eat alone

I hate to eat alone

I hate to eat alone




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