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3Lw - No more (baby i'ma do right)



I'm getting a little tired

Of your broken promises, promises

Lookin' at your pager

Seein' different numbers, numbers

Call you on your cell

You're hangin' with the fellas, fellas

Hangin' with my girls

You always gettin' jealous, jealous

I was with you when

You didn't have no dollas, no dollas

Hangin' at the crib

Chillin' with your momma, your momma

Never fronted you

Never brought the drama, the drama

Now you flip the script

Playa, please

No, I'm not the one

(Say it again, say it again, oh)

No, I'm not the one

(You do or you don't)

1 - You do or you don't, don't

You will or you won't, won't

No more

No more, baby I'ma do right

You can or you can't, can't

Be a man, be a man, man

No more

No more, baby I'ma do right

You treat me like a lady

When you open doors, doors

But then you wanna front

When you're with your boys, your boys

How you gonna play me

When I bought your clothes, your clothes

The ones that you be wearin'

When you with your hoes, your hoes

I know you never thought

That I would have the nerve, the nerve

Think about it more

Since you at the curb, the curb

Blowin' up my pager

Say you want a chance, a chance

Listen when I say

Playa, please

Repeat 1

2 - No, I'm not the one

(Baby, I'ma do right, do right)

No, I'm not the one

(Baby, I'ma do right, do right)

Repeat 2

I just wanna know

What happened to our love

We used to be best friends

Where did it go wrong

When you gonna see

How good it is with me

I'm tired and I'm through

With all your "listen baby"

Listen what, playa chill now

Tell me how you gon' cite me when I found out

Honey gotta break it down, down

I said it ain't no thing

Girl, what's my name?

Keelay, Keelay

Look me in the face and tell me

What the dealie, dealie

Oh, you wanna go shade now

But I'm paid now, I know that you hate that

Oh, you got the one now, you warm now

Cuz you thought you'd come right back, save that

You could do whatever to me, and be together with me

Like you do better than me (you do or you don't)

No more, never for me

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 2

No, I'm not the one

(Say it again, s-say it, say it again)

No, I'm not the one

(Say it again, s-say it, say it again)

No, I'm not the one

(I could do bad all by myself)

No, I'm not the one

(I'm not the one, the one)

Repeat 1 to fade




Poiščete lahko tudi vsa besedila izvajalca 3Lw, ali pa se vrnete na prvo stran iskanika besedil, kjer si lahko pomagate tudi z značkami besedil in tako poiščete še kakšno drugo besedilo.

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