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50 Cent - In da club



Go, shawty- is yo birthday

we gon pary like is yo birthday

We gon sip bacardy like is yo birthday

and u noe we dun give a fuck if that's yo birthday


You can find me in the club,

bottle full of bub, look mami i got the extacey in to taken drugs,

im in there having sex i aint into maken love,

so come give me a hug, if u in there gettin rubbed


When i pull out up front u see the benz on dub's

When i roll 20 deep is 20 nines in the club

Niggas heard i fuck with dre now they wanna show me love

When you sound like eminem and the hugs they wanna fuck

But homie ain't nothing change hold down, G's Up

i see xzibit in the cut that nicca roll the weed up

If you watch how i move you mistake me fo a playa or pimp

Been hit wit a few shells but i dont walk wit a limp

in the hood the ladys saying 50 you hot

they like me, i want them to love me like they love popa

but how them new york, niggas tell ya im lo-co

when the plan is to put the rap game in a chock-hold

im feelin focus man, my money on my mind

got a mill out the deal and im still on the grind

Now shorty said she feelin my style she feeling my flow

He girlfriend with it get ride and we ready to go

(Chorus X2)

Mah flow, Mah show, brought me the doh,

that bought me all my fancey things,

Mah Crib, mah cars, Mah pools, Mah jewls,

look nicca i got kmart and i aint change

And you should love it, way more then you hate it

nicca you mad, i thought that you'd be happy i made it

Im that cat by the bar, toasting to the good light

You that fagget ass nicca trying to pull me back ride

When it dark, Well be pumping in the club, its on

i wit my eyes on my bitch, if she smiles, she gone

if the roof on fire, let that muthafucka burn

if u talken bout money homie, i aint concern

imma tell you banks homie cause go ahead switch the style up

if figgas hit the letta make watch the money pile up

or we go upside there wit a bottle of bub

you know where we fucking be





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