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A1 - Make It Good



When you're weary, When you're down and out

Lay your hands on me [x2]

I count my blessings, think of all I have

She never thought about it then threw it all away

Left it all to chance, She tore down fences

Now it seems so wasted wish she could turn back time.


Now she's down on her knees to pray

Baby please make it good, make it good somehow

She will do anything to change

So please make it good, make it good somehow

Someone please

When you're weary, when you're down and out

Lay your hands on me

had a vision. Time to make a stand

for all she is to me, to turn her life around

To take back yesterday's never easy

When you're wrong you're wrong. It seems impossible so


Welcome to your revoloution

What you dream is what you see

There's no rules or regulations

Let the music set you free


When you're weary, When you're down and out

Lay your hands on me [x2]




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