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Acdc - Rock your heart out



Got the devil in you

Got the devil in me

Play a dangerous tune

Come on and dance with thee

You got to throw your fists up

Shout your mouth out

Beat the walls down

Got to freak out

Rock your little

Rock your little

Rock your little heart out

(You gotta rock it on down)

Got everything you want

Got everything you need

Don't worry about the cost

Just sell your soul to me

You gotta bring the house down

Beat the drums loud

Bleed your life dry

Climb on lets fly

Rock your little

Rock your little

Rock your little heart out

Rock, rock your little heart out

(Rock it on down)

(Cut your teeth on this)

You gotta put your foot down

Beat your chest hard

Blow your brains out

Feel her shout loud

You gotta rock your heart out

Rock your heart out

Rock, rock your little heart out

(You rocket of love)




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