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Aerosmith - Crazy



Come Here baby
You know you drive me up a wall
the way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull
Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love
And it always seems you got somn' on your mind other than me
Girl, you got to change your crazy ways
You hear me

Say you're leavin' on a seven thirty train
and that you're headin' out to Hollywood
Girl you been givin' me that line so many times
it kinda gets like feelin' bad looks good

That kinda lovin'
Turns a man to a slave
That kinda lovin'
Sends a man right to his grave...

I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy
You turn it on
Then you're gone
Yeah you drive me
Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby
What can I do, honey
I feel like the color blue...

You're packin' up your stuff and talkin' like it's tough
and tryin' to tell me that it's time to go
But I know you ain't wearin' nothin' underneath that overcoat
And it's all a show

That kind of lovin'
Makes me wanna pull
Down the shade, yeah
That kind of lovin'
Yeah now I'm never, never, never, never gonna be the same

I'm losin' my mind, girl
'Cause I'm goin' crazy

I need your love, honey
I need your love

Crazy, crazy, crazy, I go crazy
You turn it on
Then you're gone
Yeah you drive me
Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby
I'm losin' my mind, girl
Cause I'm goin' crazy
Crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby
You turn it on, then your gone
Yeah you drive me




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