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Aerosmith - I Wanna Know Why



Kickin' down the road
feelin' mighty slowed
with the likes of you

gettin' mighty spaced
never had a taste
of what you're goin' through

I can't bitch
went from rags to riches
then to ragtime screamin' the blues

I wanna know why
everybody's good intention
try to make a fool out of me
I wanna know why
everybody's good intention
gotta make a fool
gotta make a fool
try to make a fool out of me

swing low
sweet cherry o
when a strange love showed me the way

ya see more
can't keep a score
when the whore's comin' on for the play

E. Poe
eatin' crow
wonder if he knowed that the raven was mad

time passed
and words lost the last
of the best thing he ever had

oh play rough
can't get enough
so they try to make a fool out of me

lordy, ain't foolin' me
ya ain't ghoulin' me
ain't foolin' me
ya ain't ghoulin' me




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