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Akon - Locked up f. styles p



[Verse: Styles P]

Locked up, they won't let me out

And I had a long day in court, shit stress me out

Won't give me a bill, they can't get me out

Now I'm heading to the counter and, gotta do a bit here

I used to live in lugubrious, I don't want to live here

The walls is gray, the clothes is orange

The phones is broke and the food is garbage

A lotta niggaz is living with these circumstances

S.P.'s insane I still work ya mans'

Drug money to rap money, work ya Benz's

Niggaz ran and told them I should've work the cans'

Got popped for a murder attempt

Knock me on D-block, when I was burning the hemp

Had a brick and a stash hope they don't take me 'em to a versa extend

Locked up and they won't let me out

When I hit my cellblock niggaz will know to dread me out

[Verse: Akon]

I'm steady trying to find my mode and

Why do what I go?

Freedom ain't getting no closer

No matter how far I go

My car is stolen, the registration

Cops patrolling, and now that they stopped me

[Chorus: Akon]

I'm locked up, they wont let me out

They wont let me out

I'm locked up; they wont let me out, no

They wont let me out

I'm locked up, and they wont let me out

They wont let me

I'm locked up, and they wont let me out, no

They wont let me

[Verse: Akon]

Heading up town to Rhea, back with a couple of keys

The quarter blocks on fire, and the covers are dressed as fiends

Making so much money, products moving

Put away the stash, as sold a last bag, fucked around and

[Verse: Styles P.]

Now that I'm locked up I rep two set so

I'ma ride or die and stay D-blocked up

Two two's brushes up who ever wanted with P

When I walk by, nigga get up

Cause I'm locked up, they can't get me out

I smoke a stick of haze when they stress me out

Go and hit the bar when the wrecks beat out

Can't wait for 'til the day they let me out

[Verse: Akon]

Visitation along it comes by, it seems they forgot about me

God my stomachs getting empty, cell members getting food without me

Can't wait to get out and move forward with my life

Got a family that loves me and wants me to do right, but instead

Niggaz I'm locked up




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