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Angie Stone - Brotha



He is my king, he is my one

Yes he's my father, yes he's my son

I can talk to him, cause he understands

Everything I go through, and everything I am

He's my support system, can't live without him

The best thing since sliced bread

Is his kiss, his touch, his lips, his hugs

And I just want the whole world to know about


My black brotha, strong brotha

There is no one above ya

I want you to know that

I'm here for you, for ever true

Cause you're my black brotha, strong brotha

There is no one above ya

I want you to know that

I'm here for you, for ever true

He's misunderstood, some say that he's up to no good, around the


But for your information a lot of my brothas got education

Now check it, you got your wall street brotha, your blue collar brotha,

your down for whatever chilling on the corner brotha, your talented


And to every one of yall behind bars, you know that Angie loves you,

you're my


You mean so much to me

You give me what I need

I'm so proud of you (I said I'm so proud of you)

I love you for staying strong

You got it going on

I'm so proud of you

Going through thick and thin

Brothas you gonna win

I'm so proud of you

Whenever you're facing down

Brothas gonna work it out

You've got unshakable faith, you're my

Chorus until end




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