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Angie Stone - Life Goes On




One for the road

Check it

Kind of natural, yeah

Look at then and when you got caught up

Reminiscing 'bout the past

Driving by on easy street

Thinking 'bout that we'd be here to last a long while

And real talks, every night and then an arguement

But all in all we both knew

If nothing else, our love was heaven sent

[1] - Life goes on

Life goes on

Life goes on

Life goes on

My brother Petey would say

If you knew then like you know now

Would you get down the way you get down

Would you glorify, idolize

Find the time, mystify 'bout life

Oh, why can't we be kinder

Joy that's hard to find

Lord please give me a sign

To some of us here right now

Don't think you'd ride on this thin ice

Without goin' down

Cuz time is running out

And will you be able to reach solid ground

Can only sing the words

It's up to you to listen

Show you the path to the garden

You got to follow me in

[Repeat 1]

Hey boo, here's to thanking you

For all that we've been through

It taught me how to love myself and now

You, and you I give my blessing

And I hope and I thank God

That's true for me and my boo

Oh, Lord




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