Besedila pesmi

Ani Difranco - Dog Coffee



perpetrating counter-culture she is walking through the park

first light ugly and more muscular than the dark

pushing poems at the urban silence

drawing portraits of the passers-by

sitting on the curb

combining traffic sounds

getting dirty looks and dirty jeans

on the dirty ground

she says I can't figure out what kind of life this is

comedy or tragedy I just know it's show biz

and what if I don't agree

with the lines I have to read

they don't pay me enough

the way I see it

freedom and democracy

that's the word from washington every day

the americat's asleep

with warm milk and cliches

and people are expendable along the way

your dollar is dependable

what more can we say

would you like some dog coffee

it's all that we've got

you can have some

you can have not

would you like some dog coffee

it's all that we've got

we're taking care of big business

and meanwhile some of the beans rot




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