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Arcade Fire - The Well & The Lighthouse



I'm serving time

All for a crime I did commit

You want the truth?

You know I'd do it all again

Left for dead

Heaven is only in my head!

I heard a voice

Calling from down inside the well

"See that silver shine?"

She said to come claim what was mine

So down I fell

Down into the water black

My prison cell

Only the moon was shining back!

If I seem lost, well I weighted the cost

And chose my crime

Now it's mine all mine!

I heard the voice

Calling from just outside the well

She said, "You fool, now that you know your end is near

You always fall for what you desire or what you fear!"


Living in a lighthouse

If you leave the ships are gonna wreck


Living in a lighthouse

The lions and the lambs ain't sleeping yet




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