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Arcade Fire - Vampire / Forest Fire



You wanna be set apart?

Burn all of your art repair the wasteful part

I'm a vampire in a forest fire

Hey! we all gotta keep warm

driving towards the storm

Your father was a pervert

Face down in the dirt

He taught you how to hurt

My father was a miner who lived in the suburbs

Let's live in the suburbs

If I let where I'm from burn I can never return!

My brother reads you and me his new poetry

How embarassing

Your sister pours the gasoline

I'll fix your meals

while your burns heal!

Find a house you don't have to rebuild

Stone by stone, brick by brick, nail by nail my father never meant to leave me this

Let this love last

I drive too fast

Said I'd return if I'd ever cared

But there's no interstate I find to take me there




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