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Asian Dub Foundation - Black White



J and D here united

Black and white here to show you how we've been delighted

The new generation since the mid nineties

Showing you it's done if you think you are a smartie

Telling you the truth since we spotted eachother

We'd like to big up our elder sister and brother

Because they are the legend and they are like no other

Trained by the greater legend mother and father

Now we think jump up lyrics are alright

But we'd like to broadcast a subject we know is not right

Look at us- but don't look at us in disgust

Because you know the reality and it's time to adjust

Think to yourself- don't be foolish about it

Fix up your brain or you'll be the target

A black man and a white woman living together

Face the facts you fascist perpetrators

And as the world is getting smaller and smaller

We can only get closer and closer

Building this community of sound

Celebrating the unity we've found

And we know this is the model to follow

For all the dub children of tommorow

As they grow under shifting skies

We'll se every nation in their eyes

Black and white here has united

We're here to show you how we've been delighted

Black and white here has united

Building this community of sound




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