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Atmosphere - That Night



Dont even know if I can write this song

caught on a beam between right and wrong

gotta keep forward, keep straight

for the sake of why we stay awake all night long

Its not up for interpret

paranoid of exploiting the verdict

but in the same breath

I got thoughts that I wanna express and let surface

this aint for props or the pop culture

its about a balloon that got punctured

the sunshine'S fun til it burns someone

and we all got burnt that summer

She was sixteen.

Another young angel with clipped wings

she came to the shows

but I never met her, dont even know if she was listening

That night, we lost a supporter

that night, somebody lost their daughter

he raped and killed her at the venue

cant comprehend what her friends must have went through

that night the sun went dark

now watch everyone on the tourbus fall apart

that night, lord have mercy

the music died, that night, in Albuquerque

Stop, it can't be true right

this type of real deaont happen to you right?

Crescent, Murs, Dibbs, Jaybird

I wanna go home now and start a new life

wish I could protect the kids

I guess safety's a hit or miss

with a prior convicted sex-offense against a 4 year old

why we let you live?

Dont know what Im trying to write

but theres a part of me that keeps dyin at night

when I think about her mother

I become another number that wants you to suffer

youre locked up for now, you have no more chances to steal the childrens laughs

and if you ever find God

better pray to her and ask that we never cross paths




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