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Avion - When I Breathe



You asked me for my heart

But you didn't have you own

I'm back to where I start

An empty page alone

And I don't want to be the first to call

To show that I still care

'Cause every time we speak

I fall apart

You know you've got me there


But time will make it all feel better

Like salve upon a wound

You soon won't see

Time will erase the scars I've weathered

But as for now it only hurts

When I breathe

When I breathe

The pictures once on top

Are deeper in the drawer

Like promises we swapped

Were swept up off the floor

And I don't want to be the one you love

'Cause no one else is there

I was never good as runner-up

In races that aren't fair


Tarnished as this coin I found

Now how am I going to make it through

In the economy of pain

A flowing currency of grace anew





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