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Baby aka The #1 stunna - How It Be




See the party won't start 'till I walk in

And I might start over with them Burberry tims

Me and J.D. with 'bout 10 of our friends

The Benz, the Lexus with the bubble eye lens

Bentley, coupes with the rag top vets

Brand new caddy with the jews and jets


Throw up your sets up your bets

I'm the big check sign nigga rhyme nigga 24 I'm grindin'

Nigga hot boys since runnin' they was singin'

Here we go spendin' dough shit you ain't know

I works this pimp juice

Cash Money and So So Def all hell 'bout to break loose

[Chorus: TQ]

Every city town I go

Y'all know just how it be

When I come threw I shut it down

Cuz ain't no body bad like me

From the girls in the club that be shakin' they ass

To the way that we make your speakers blast

Last name Money first name is Cash

Y'all know y'all know just how it be


Big pimpin and hustlin we riding and dubbin'

When we walk threw the club all the hoes be huggin

More money more pain three colors on the range

We threw it out the roof screamin money ain't a thang

Visit JD get a boo and see it (holla)

We Gucci down from the head to the feet

The Cash Money model this nigga be greedy

And these horny hoes holla stunna please fini..


I'm the loud over the top type

Never quiet when I come to your town I'm trying to start me a riot

Fuck your diet

Me and my niggas keep eating

Heating like DeNiro in the middle of the street and

I represent those that party all night

Shut down the club screamin green light

It's me and the Birdman ya heard

Please be clear It's so much stunnin going on in here

[Chorus - repeat 4X]




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