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Baby - Baby you can do it



Oh yeah, believe it baby

Aight Toni, come on Toni

[Toni Braxton]

Baby you can do it

Take your time do it right

You can do it birdman, do it tonight

Get you shine baby

It's your time, do it tonight

(Do it yeah)

[Verse 1]

Ay, ay, ay

See this stuntin, pimpin, cadalliac dippin

Grey-head miss Gladys, your son new mission

Birdman daddy, no divin for fishes

Until you ducks, I'm stackin my riches

Brought mami to the mall and she ball wit a genius

Frankie B, Kristen Desmenfifler

Stilleto boot, wife beater and I minked her

Spend like crazy, if the broad freak me

Dro back jersey, the world wide champion

Baby, in a coupe spin bout eighty

Bird island, know that I'm smilin

Broads on my yaught, wit they gucci and proper

Hood rich, I'm sellin that

Hood rats, cost dime a dollar

Boss pimpin got sick off of power

Get it how you live, I'm a known survivor

[Chorus - Toni Braxton]

Baby you can do it

Take your time do it right

You can do it birdman, do it tonight

Get you shine baby

It's your time, do it tonight

Uh, uh, oh, baby, take your time

Bust they eye (bust they eye)

Uh, uh, oh, baby, take your time

Bust they eye

[Verse 2]

Well it's the birdman daddy, I'll fly in any weather

I keep the birdlady with the feather in the pezzle

Always on the rock with the full length leather

I'm in the Benz, she in a new Lexus

22's cause we bird infested

Ruby red with the platinum necklace

She in the Escalade, so wild stretchin

I'm so so fly, the man done blessed me

Mami in the village so while dressed em

Mink on the boots wit the minked out sweater

Mink on the floor, with the mink chinchetta

Mink on the Gucci, with the mink on the leather

See I'm fly on these , mami ride on voles

Stop and go's on that new Range Rover

Time to go home, cause I gots to go because

(Mami is in the bed with the breakfast on the stove)

[Verse 3]

Hey pimp, it's the rich and famous

You drivin wreckless, you drivin dangerous

Twenty inches on the caddy, don't blame me

Slab on the floor, but it's my turn baby

Money ain't natin to me

See that birdman Jr., that somethin to me

What you know about runnin these streets

Get it how you live, and get it how ya be

Get it how ya hustle, and get it how ya see

Off parole so i'm puffin these trees

I'm so so high, I'm a world wide G

Connected to these streets, playa this cash money

[Baby in the backround]

Oh yeah, Stunner and TB man

Yo turn baby, got your mink on

Your gucci on, your prala on

Do it, do it big

In yo new truck wit yo stop and go's, mami

It's supposed to look so so so fly

Ya done dig, 23's they on turn and shine ya done dig

Birdman daddy, I'm fly in any weather

Ok, fo sheezie baby




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