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Backstreet Boys - Dont Wanna Loose You Now



Don't leave me
'Cause you need me
I never wanna be without you
I woke up this mornin'
From a dream
That you were sayin' goodbye
We had a simple argument
But not enough to keepeach others life
I wanna be happy
But I can't be happy
If I can't be it with you
Cause you're my baby
My sweet honey
And no other girl will do
I can't seem to figure out
Just what went wrong with us
You must have thought I was selfish
But everything I did
I did for us
I can't eat or even sleep
'Til I have you
Back inside my world
My life won't be complete
Unless you stay my girl
Chorus (2x)
Come on girl let me break it down
Don't leave me girl
Don't leave me
Don't girl
Don't leave




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