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Backstreet Boys - That's What She Said



There are people that say what you wanna hear

Even on a raining day they'll tell you the sky is clear

When you really really love someone

Am I right when I say that you want them near?

And if you can't even tell them things that they wanna hear


Always, forever

All things she said

Never say never

Those simple lies that she fed

I will never leave you

All the love I thought she had

But can you blame me, no

Cuz that's what she said

That's what she said

She told me we'd see forever

That's what she said, she said, yeah

And there are people that say what they really mean

She said she'd always be there

She said she'd always care

But just when you think that you can

Trust that someone you love

Tell me why, or do you know

How stars can fall from above?


Cuz you made promises

That you couldn't keep

But you're not hurting yourself

You're only hurting me (you're only hurting me)

Why would you say things that you really didn't mean? (you really mean)

Oh how can I make you see

Just what you did to me?

Oh, you said how much you really cared

Just when I thought I was in love

Girl, how could you dare?

If I were you I could not lie even once

To the face of the one

That I love so much





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