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Bb - Bling bling (radio edit)



Baby:Man I got these broads icin it up while my nigga BG's on the bus puttin out cigarette butts but me personally playboy i had bad luck but i'ma always show love

to my cut hit the club light the lights up the cash money motto is ya drink till we throw up pick the braod garunteed i could pluck her cuz woaday i'm tattoed and

balled medallion iced up rolex bezzelled up and my pinky ring be platinum plus earrings by trillioncut and my grill be sluged up my heart filled anger lost daddy as a

youngster stack mmt cheese up cuz one day i'ma give this street life up beef i don't discuss, woadie outta line, woadie gon get his head bust cash millionaires plus

don't touch the broad you can't pluck the broad 20 inches with tv is a must by the year 2000 lil wayne tear this game up.

lil wayne:boss me sit out in the jag they lost me you know how slow the new rolls royce be one rapper dippin low low when i come pressa sippin promo spend a

lotta chedda but my click couldn't be better i'm married to cmr baby love it or leave it drive drops when it's hot streched hummers when it's not light up the whole

block when you glance at my watch that's wayne baby thuged out on chains baby i'll do your main lady and i'm blue navigated that's game baby you could call me a

game shooter but since i drive a bug people call me lexlooger i pull up inthe expedition they be like no no no no no no no he didn't that's tattoes and fast cars do you

know who we are I'm little weezy puttin it down for cmr

Chorus:Bling bling everytime i come around your city bling bling pinky ring worth about 50 bling bling everytime i buy a new ride bling bling lorenzos on yokahama tires


Manny:It's the player with the lex bubba candy coated helicopter with the leather cover if you're slurping not _____ take off the rubber then toss that braod player

cuz i don't love her balla manny bought private plain then turned around and send that thang to Juve and wayne they put 30 inch lorenzos on that thang man you

little kids out there just don't understand.

Juvenile: I'ma 1999 driver i'ma uptown third ward magnolia tc rider old ingnorant boys always cussin big ballin yall shoulda seen me comin booted up diamonded up

golds be shinin up all them diamonds be linin up people at the second line sayin i'll be damned Juvey got me again.


BG: I be the player with the ice on me if it costs less than 20 it don't look right on me i stay flossed out all through the week my money long if yall don't know im the bg

i be deallin with your girl all in your home haters be like look at that benz on all that crome diamonds worn by everyody in my clique i got the price of a mansion round

my neck and wrist my dog baby gettin special built machines mercedes benz 700 v-14 no ya haters can't believe that can't wait to see ya busta faces when when

you see that man look at that girls wer=ar shades just toi stand long side of me they say take that chain off boy you're blindin my all day my phone ringin bling bling

bling i could sell me earrings from my mouth bling bling.

Chorus until the end




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