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Beastie boys - All Lifestyles



Ideas spark my hand grabs a pen

Sweeten up the sound let me get the right blend

Coming down the wire to the Neve mic pre

Nice up the sound for the A to D

I'm a Wonderama snake can winner

Bagel from Bob and a TV Dinner

I'm the one that one that dance contest

'Cause you know I dance the best

All you gotta do is do your thing you see

'Cause I don't give a fuck who you're supposed to be

My name is Adrock and I aim to please

And I gotta spread love in society

We gotta keep the party going on

All lifestyles, sizes, shapes, and form

What you saw what you heard

I get involved I might disturb

And if you want what's going down

You might just get that silky sound

So what'cha want? So what'cha need?

I've got the fonts you want to read

Get in the game you gotta scheme

All the same I've got the team

More new wave not OG

Walking down the block you say "Yo D!

When you coming out with the new CD

That spreads love in society?"

We gotta keep the party going on

All lifestyles, sizes, shapes, and form

Goto goto goto goto

Don't mess with crack or the baking soda

Whether in the high rise where you live like Roda

Or in the shack and you live like Yoda

Once again it's on like a brand new morn

Beatsie Beatsie Boys here to keep you all warm

All you spazzes and you freaks

Go and do your thing 'cause you're unique

If it don't hurt nobody else than

Don't be afraid to be yourself and

Special dedication and so on

to all lifestyles, sizes, shapes and forms

We gotta keep the party going on

All lifestyles, sizes, shapes, and form




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