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Beastie boys - Bodhisattva Vow



As I Develop The Awakening Mind I Praise The Buddha As They Shine

I Bow Before You As I Travel My Path To Join Your Ranks,

I Make My Full Time Task

For The Sake Of All Beings I Seek

The Enlighted Mind That I Know I'll Reap

Respect To Shantideva And All The Others

Who Brought Down The Darma For Sisters And Brothers

I Give Thanks For This World As A Place To Learn

And For This Human Body That I Know I've Earned

And My Deepest Thanks To All Sentient Beings

For Without Them There Would Be No Place To Learn What I'm Seeing

There's Nothing Here That's Not Been Said Before

But I Put It Down Now So I'll Be Sure

To Solidify My Own Views And I'll Be Glad If It Helps

Anyone Else Out Too

If Others Disrespect Me Or Give Me Flack

I'll Stop And Think Before I React

Knowing That They're Going Through Insecure Stages

I'll Take The Opportunity To Exercise Patience

I'll See It As A Chance To Help The Other Person

Nip It In The Bud Before It Can Worsen

A Change For Me To Be Strong And Sure

As I Think On The Buddhas Who Have Come Before

As I Praise And Respect The Good They've Done

Knowing Only Love Can Conquer In Every Situation

We Need Other People In Order To Create

The Circumstances For The Learning That We're Here To Generate

Situations That Bring Up Our Deepest Fears

So We Can Work To Release Them Until They're Cleared

Therefore, It Only Makes Sense

To Thank Our Enemies Despite Their Intent

The Bodhisattva Path Is One Of Power And Strength

A Strength From Within To Go The Length

Seeing Others Are As Important As Myself

I Strive For A Happiness Of Mental Wealth

With The Interconnectedness That We Share As One

Every Action That We Take Affects Everyone

So In Deciding For What A Situation Calls

There Is A Path For The Good For All

I Try To Make My Every Action For That Highest Good

With The Altruistic Wish To Achive Buddhahood

So I Pledge Here Before Everyone Who's Listening

To Try To Make My Every Action For The Good Of All Beings

For The Rest Of My Lifetimes And Even Beyond

I Vow To Do My Best To Do No Harm

And In Times Of Doubt I Can Think On The Dharma

And The Enlightened Ones Who've Graduated Samsara




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