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Beastie boys - Oh Word?



Yo what the schnitzel we're back

Shit's getting duller and duller and that's a fact

I don't care what you heard or care what you seen

I swear it wasn't me in Bear magazine

Because I'm not that hairy oh contrary

I go with the flow though the tempo varies

So twist the cap and pop the cork

My name's Adrock made in New York

Oh word?

What the ponytail, I don't eat snail

I'll steal your keys and then I'll check your mail

'Cause I'm the creepy crawler that be crawling your walls

And I'm the shot caller when it comes to shot calls

And I'll be rockin' parties from block to block

And block party to party the neighborhoods on lock

So hide your eyes, wait, I saw you looking

The name's MCS made in downtown Brooklyn

Oh word?

Yo what the parsley, parsley to the teeth

I'm a rhyme style writer you're a rhyme style thief

I may be paranoid you tried to fade me

Here's a song for you "Lady"

Make you bug out like you don't know what to do

Your momma says "shame on you"

When you're dancing with your crew

So get that poor chicken up off your fork

My name's Mike D made in New York

Oh word?

Yo what the talafel you gotta get up awful

Early to fool Mr. Furley

And that's word to Aunt Shirley and you could

Stick your head in the toilet give yourself a swirley

Listen up biters go please stop

While I'm politicin' at Murray's Cheese Shop

Believe what you heard when you talk

My name is Adrock made in New York

Oh word?

What the phone booth word to hair moose

You're on the corner and you're selling a hog's tooth

Don't mean to dis but I've got to point out

The hogs tooth belong inside the hog's mouth

Like Ernest Shackleton said to Ord Lees

I'll have dog pemmican with my tea

Now pass the wok 'cause I'm cookin'

The names MCS made in Downtown Brooklyn

Oh word?

Yo, what the doofus, say good night

You're Snidely Whiplash I'm Dudley Do-you-right

Times are off the hinges leave your 2 way at the door

We're all up the creek a long way from shore

Not walking around looking to get you cake

The D is for Diamonds not for Drakes

This not a fantasy and I'm not Mr. O'Rourke

The name's Mike D made in New York

Oh word?




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