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Beastie boys - Remote Control



Things get hectic quick

From the satellite dish to your joy stick

It's the night of the living cable box

Wires coming up from around the block

Remote control to change the station

But that won't change your situation

Have you seen what I mean

I'm the little gnome that's in your dreams

So I say this rhyme built by design

To take you beyond space and time

Said who is the man making diamonds out of coal

The man pushing buttons on remote control

Remote I want Control

Remote I want Control

Until your back's up against the wall

You never know yourself that much at all

So you've got to share your love with a friend

That's all that you've got left in the end

Living in this city of pure confusion

People misled by their own illusion

All this action, no satisfaction

We're all linked together like a chain reaction

Play or fold, love is bold

What is the future that will unfold?

Some like it hot, others like it cold

But we all want to hold the remote control

Remote I want Control

Remote I want Control

Remote I want Control

Remote I want Control

Things get hectic quick

All of the sudden I'm in the thick

Too much drama all around

Distractions booming in sensuround

Like a rainy day's Earth won't sit still

Sliding on down a hill

Sometimes life it seems to stall

So never be ungrateful y'all

So I got a little something for your pay per view

Like Don King I've got the crazy hair do

We've got cameras on Mars on space patrol

Controlled on Earth by remote control




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