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Beastie boys - Three Mc's And One Dj



Cause nobody can do it like Mix Master can,

Come on now

I've got the D double O, D double O style

Here we go again because it's been awhile

Do me a favor don't touch that dial

I rock from Manhattan to the miracle mile

My name's Mike D and I'm the ladies choice

I want to get next to you like Rose Royce

Y'all gather round to hear my golden voice

Cause when its time to rhyme you know I get noice

Cruising like a fan boat on the glade

He'll tweak your ass across the cross fade

So watch your back when he takes the stage

Or he'll send you off on a naked rampage

3 MC's and one DJ

We be getting down with no delay

Mix Master Mike what cha got to say

Bug out/To The Mic/All the time

Sweet and sour like a tangerine

Fresh like a box of Krispy Kremes

Kenny Rogers' Gambler is my gambling theme

Mix Master Mike with the scratch routine

Always updated and in the know

You know we break it down going toe to toe

The bass is booming from down below

And Norton is chillin with Mario

Well my name is Adrock I'm a Scorpio

Don't ask me cause I just don't know

I'm known to mop I'm known to glow

But don't get mad cause I got to go

Three MC's and one DJ

We be getting down with no delay

Mix Master Mike what cha got to say

Gotta Get Down

Mix Master cut faster

All top secret and classified

I grab a hold of a mic and let the words glide

It's all hypnotic and sanctified

I never wanna let a bad day slip by

Now We be getting stupid in your area

Causing all kinds of hysteria

My beats is sick like malaria

But don't worry I'll take care of ya

Me and Adam Adam and Mario C

In the studio it's the place to be

To all party people who are happy and free

With Mix Master Mike we're making history

Three MC's and one DJ

We be getting down with no delay

Mix Master Mike what you got to say

Goddamn that DJ made my day




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