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Bee Gees - Crime Of Passion



I must be crazy they don't know what we've done

You are my lover

Even though I know it's wrong

I hear them talking

but whatever they do

I need to love ;you

And if I love you couldn't we make it

Got someone loving me

He won't say goodbye

He's been so good to me

I don't wanna make him cry

I need you both to love me

It's up to you

You can help me

You're the reason I can't decide

Breakin' my bones and shakin' my nerves

Till I just can't see tomorrow

Looking at him and looking at you

And I don't know who to follow

I'll never win in the state I'm in

*It's a crime of passion , I'm bad to love you

Whenever I'm with you , I lose control

It's a crime of passion for me and for you

Whatever I give you

It's just too late to save my soul

I need to love you

My desperation is the power to go on

Each night I prayed for love

I'm at the mercy of

And if you don't hear me now

Then I'll be the only one

Don't wanna be , don't wanna be the only one

I saw him yesterday

The questions he asked

I think he knows about us

Did we move too fast

How can we hide it

When we know it's a lie

Keep our love under the covers

The pressure is too high

Why do I get myself tied up

Why tangle with love you borrow

I should have been known as a one man woman

Should have been one love but oh no

Never be a cure for the human law

(repeat * )




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