Besedila pesmi

Big Brovaz - So



you can drive a new benz.

Move out your mum’s

gotta get some garms

Gotta fix up be a real man.



If you got a job and

money in your pocket

Let me hear you say (OK!)

All my ladies if y’all don’t care

Let me hear you say (OK!)

And if that’s your car

parked outside the

Bar let me hear you say (OK!)

And if you’re dressed to

impress, you don’t take stress

Let me hear you say (OK!)

Pulled up on chrome,

left wifey back at home

Got some fresh gear, and

all kinds of ice on

Gotta pocket full of doe, you know

If you got the same things

Let me hear you go, Okay

We’re gonna party till

the break of day

B B coming through,

and we’re here to stay

Better make way

And if you got game,

its time to play

I’m trying to find me a dime

That just say, okay

Chorus / Outro

Additional and co-production by BJ and Mike Soul

Mixed by Stephen Fitz-Maurice

Assistant engineer: Tim Briley




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