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Black Eyed Peas - Communication



An introduction to a rapid ray

Will explode like grenade

Check the medical aid

'Cause the way that we parade the fade

Any MC that claims that they can be

Tend the mic when we strike precisely

We freak the level with the funk from the inner

Heaven, give me inner, black as I present a

Flock a rhyme that rock you off an ass

Powerful, power flows that'll leave your soul paralyzed

Yo, I respect that you be G-in (

It's the return of MC-in (

Yo, thank God for the season (...on)

And don't be tryin to think about a reason

'Cause there is no reason for you to front

We create cuts to give you what you want

Activate communication for the whole

Shocking your mind with rhymes

Doin it like what AP (Like this here)

Rockin it like what AP (Like this here)

Flippin it like what AP (Like this here)

Doin it like what AP (Like this here, yeah)

We do it upside down (8x)

Can I get a 'Ha' from my brothers that be chillin downtown

'Ho' for the people that be in it what we do

'Yo' check it out 'cause we black and positive

I suck in negative from you

I got many rhymes format from the back of the brain

Interluding with the powerful matter scatter your frame

You fallin (Yo) check out what we do

We be all in on the microphone never stallin

Rhythm is my ride for the voyage of the mind

Exclusive rhyme patting us for what we design

I am my own Picasso when I roll

Rhyming is my art for my heart and soul

We positive when MC-in (

Break bounce with the new blend (...end)

Original 'til the end (...end)

Sittin it all for no reason

They fell off at the attempt to elevate

They try to duplicate the art we create

So activate communication for the world

Shocking your mind with rhymes

Doin it like what Will (Like this here)

Rockin it like what Will (Like this here)

Shockin em like what Will (Like this here)

Rockin it like what Will (Yo, yo, it's like this here, yeah)

We do it upside down (8x)

We goin worldwide, across the nation

Now that we've activated our communication

Wantin demonstration, ask the activator

Before one more walk-a-meter, funky motivator

And I be the Will, APL from the Phil

We contain the hipnotical skill that'll kill

You dealin with the G-R-E-A-T

Black Eyed Peas guy, hella in a G

'Cause we holler in an energetic motion

With the potion I supply

Applyin to the beat that Alligator you combine

With me and my crew incredibly and super spectacular

With the rhyme one two

One two to the beat (Hop)

You can't defeat

BEP's production always complete

With this sounds activate online

And I'm on time to motivate your mind

Well I respect that you be G-in (

It's the return of MC-in (

Yo, thank God for the season (...on)

Sittin there off of no reason

We do it upside down (8x)




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