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Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be



[Computerized police sirens]

Yo, you hear 'em sirens

I know you hear 'em

Don't get scared

It ain't five-o (naw)

That's the funk yo (yeah)

Don't act like you didn't know (hun)

It's just the way it goes (yeah)

When you messin' with the funk (yeah)

You bumpin' in the trunk (yeah)

You it's what you want (yeah)

So just bump, the bump, da-bump

Bump, bump, bump it up


Bounce boo, to the boogie that be

You know I

Want you to come boogie with me

We can

Dip left, slide right, all night

It's time to be wild, freestyle

It's on and poppin'

Ain't no stoppin'

Us from rockin'

From tonight till ten o'clockin'

In the morning

Got neighbors knockin' (sign 'em now)

Fuck 'em go call them cops and

Watch 'em kids walk and start boppin'

Heads to what that DJ droppin'

He play funk punkin', hip-hoppin'

Breakin' laws, yeah culture shockin'

We be pop lockin' and moshing

I get down and groove to cuts (yeah)

Check mark on all groovin' butts

Now days cats is scared to dare (that's right)

This beat plays, whoo

Here's my chance

Come on girl let's go out there

Dance on the floor, haaaa??



We can dance, and dance, dance

(Come on baby) Said we can dance, and dance, dance

(One more, whoo) I wanna dance, and dance, dance

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh, we can dance, and dance, dance

[Jaime Gomez:]

Fergie's chillin'

Always illin'

The way I make you sway, ya feelin'

That's how it is

Get down and jam

If ya'll don't understand

Check it

Heat rock makin'

Street block shakin'

Club life's great when its house breakin'

Speakers thumpin'

Whole joint jumpin'

Disco funkin' get your booty bumpin'

This beats bangin'

I'm rap talkin'

Sweet beats bangin'

Keep your feet hopping

Dirty dancing

Nasty, naughty

Move that Jessie

Pump it hottie

Cause when I hear music

I just lose it

I wanna do it, with you, you, you, you

And when I hear music

I get in too it

I wanna do it, with you, you




Come on, freak, freak

(Haaaa)Freak to the beat

(Haaaa)Yeah, freak, freak

(Haaaa)To the beat

(Haaaa)Yeah, freak, freak

(Haaaa)Wanna sound sweet

(Haaaa)Let's freak, freak

(Haaaa)And groove to the beat


Ya'll, what the hell y'all come here for

If your ain't out there on that floor

Your asked me to bringing it, I brought a little more

I'll give it to your warm

Give it to you hardcore

You're all contaminated

I'm gonna keep this pure

Just for your, for yours pleasure

Cause all I wanna' do is have a ball, ya'll

Get on the floor y'all

And freak, freak y'all


We can dance, and dance, dance

(Come on baby) Said we can dance, and dance, dance

(One more, whoo, whoo, whoo) I wanna dance, and dance, dance

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) Oh, we can dance, and dance, dance

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

[Guitar solo]


[Computerized police siren]




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