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Black Label Society - Phoney smiles and fake hellos



You, yeah you, yeah you

You got a cardboard cutout soul

Just a powertripping, mindraping, backstabbing junkie

Thinking your hype is true

You, yeah you, yeah you

Respect ain't a word you know

You're just a fabricated lie that doesn't exist

Dropping names wherever you go

Life's phoney smiles and fake hellos

The hardcore rush of watching heads roll

As I dig your grave and kill your lifeless stare

f*** yourself for all I f***ing care

You, yeah you, yeah you

Thinking you know it all

35 years old with a wife and two kids

Still living and your mother's home

You, yeah you, yeah you

A sellout and a social w****

You'd sell your mother's soul just to get ahead

A disease down to the core

You, yeah you, yeah you

Still haven't figured what it is you do

Just a no talent nothing with a ten ton ego

Until your 15 minutes are through

You, yeah you, yeah you

A conscience deaf and blind

I'm driving the hearse without remorse

Killing you and your kind




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