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Black Moon - Stay real



[Chorus 2X: Buckshot]

I, stay real, never change, it's alotta suckas

Who runnin' this game, I'm bustin' them thangs

Hah, peace God, it's no peace, now

I'm here to tear the streets down, I'm here to eat now

Yo, on the block that I'm from

Late night is a hustle hour

Anything gets sold, weed, clothes, plus the powder

Let's take a stroll, see what we lookin' at

Niggaz used to cook up crack, now they learned to hat

2000 and up, what? Everybody got another

Scam to get a buck, Commander Lil' Buck

Well here I am, fam, damn

The pussy niggaz with powers, the ones

Who put the paper to the plan, so I take it to the fan

Police wears clothes the way I do it hand to hand

Plus I push the land cruise, with musc-lin' from the mobs

Who told me, God, build on what you got and praise the father

Perspect, I started the army, now we up and runnin'

Look, you dissed me yesterday when I was off

I'm on today, and now you up and coming

What a shame, that's what dollars do?

What makes you think when I get on, I'ma holla at you

You see how we do, you see how I dust this

Frontin' like you from the Ave, buster, bust this

Yo, it's the key to longevity

And I'ma show y'all niggaz why they all remember me

[Chorus 2X]

Full throttle, for ground water bottle

We about to celebrate it, like we just won the lotto

If, money for the makin' and money for the taking

Not to give a fuck less, about anybody who'se hatin'

I'ma conquer this mall, to conquer it all

And in a minute, I'm about to go bonker for y'all

I'm outta, control with it, where the darkest grow with it

With me and my militant mind, go head and blow with it

Take it to the top of the charts like 4th of July

Sparks, make sure my beats bark, meanin' the heat spark

Right or left, life or death

I give you everything I got, to my last breath

I, 718, Brooklyn to heart, the 5 and the beats from the dark

Te fever's unleashed from the start

[Chorus 2X]

Let's take another trip, see what we can find

A whole lotta niggaz, runnin' outta time

Everybody's scramblin' to get a hand in

Everybody throwin' bows, but nobody landing

My plan is, the fans and them, got to hear the new shit

From my mans and them, niggaz that I move with

What's the movement, first of all, eye on the night

The rest of y'all niggaz rely on the light

Light beats, light hooks, light beef and you shook

The rap game like the crack game, the streets is cooked

Believe me, that nigga sellin' you soap, we can tell

The way he keep the shit clean, that I'm sellin' you dope

So raw, so uncut, uh, you can smell it through the placid

That be that classic acid, black, move and pass it

For the masses to get, learn the lessons

When you wonder why ya asses is kicked

Check it, it's the key to longevity

And I'ma show y'all niggaz why they all remember me

[Chorus 4X]




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